Help:Maintenance template removal | removal


Have you carefully read the help pages and thoroughly fixed the problem? Or have you made a considered decision that the template is not, or is no longer, applicable? Great! Now, to remove the maintenance template:

  1. Either click on "edit" or "edit source" at the top of the page, or if the maintenance template is not at the top but somewhere in the body of the article, you might instead use a section edit link;
  2. If you are editing wikitext ("source" editing): Delete the template code. The template code you see in this edit mode will usually be in the following form, as in the example above: . If you are editing using VisualEditor: Click on the template (tag), which will then turn blue. Press the "Delete" or backspace key on on your keyboard.
  3. Leave a descriptive edit summary, e.g., "Removed [insert the name of template] because I have fixed the issue;"
  4. Click Publish changes.

That's it. Thank you!