Help:Edit summary | notes for experienced users

Notes for experienced users

  • There are standard templates for warning editors who delete content without providing an edit summary: {{Uw-delete1}} (which assumes good faith) and {{Uw-delete2}} (which doesn't). {{Uw-editsummary}} is available for notifying users who have not provided an edit summary for other types of edit. These are available via Twinkle.
  • When editors stand for Adminship, their RfA pages include statistics about how often they have provided edit summaries in the past.
  • A user's edit summary usage can be checked with this tool.(example)

If you are a registered user and want to show your commitment to always leaving edit summaries, which will remind other users of the importance of doing so, you can use any of the following userboxes: .

WikEd logo39x40 animated.gif
This user uses edit summaries.
This user's mind-reading skills are not so good. Please leave an edit summary.
WTF?This user ALWAYS leaves
an edit summary.
What did you do?This user includes edit summaries in their contributions and thinks that everybody should use these as well.

The 500-character limit

The limit of 500 characters is an approximation. The actual limit is 500 Unicode codepoints. Most characters occupy one codepoint, but some characters like those with diacritics or emojis may consist of more than one codepoint. The limit of 500 codepoints includes the section title marker (and the associated /*  */) and also any Wiki markup that may be present.

For editors who have JavaScript enabled, there is a script included with the page that monitors the codepoint-length of the summary and prevents entering summaries longer than 500 codepoints (both in "Edit source" and in Visual editor). A count is displayed at the right-hand end of the text entry field, showing the number of unused codepoints. When JavaScript is disabled, this safeguard can't function and the only protection is the browser's limit of 500 characters, which may overflow the 500-codepoint limit as a result of any characters that are represented by more than one codepoint.

When the edit is done by a bot, through an external tool (such as WP:AWB) or through some user script or gadget, it's the responsibility of the tool or script to safeguard against overflowing this limit. In any situation where more than 500 codepoints are entered for the edit summary, the summary is truncated to 500 codepoints when the page is published.