Wikipedia:Shortcut directory

This is a directory of abbreviated redirects and the pages they lead to (mainly in the Wikipedia namespace). For a list of community related shortcuts such as for WikiProjects and Portals see WP:WPR and Wikipedia talk pages see WT:WT. For a table of all one-, two-, and three-letter shortcuts, see WP:SCT.

For other useful directories and indexes, see Wikipedia:Directory.

How to create a shortcut

Shortcuts exist as redirects pointing from the title of the shortcut (for example, Wikipedia:START) to its target (in this case, Portal:Contents). Notice that project shortcuts are usually listed with the prefix "WP" and not "Wikipedia"; this is because when "WP" or "Wp" appears before a colon in a page name, MediaWiki automatically expands it to "Wikipedia". Therefore, there is no need to create shortcuts literally starting with "WP:" as opposed to "Wikipedia:". Prefixes similar to "WP" can be found at Wikipedia:Shortcut#List of prefixes.

Shortcut redirects should be tagged with Template:R from shortcuthistory) so they will auto-categorize in Category:Redirects from shortcuts.

Example:   #redirect [[Pagename]]