New Fryston

South Street

New Fryston is a small former coal mining village in Castleford, West Yorkshire, England, located in a river bend on the south bank of the River Aire.[1]

Demolition of the winding tower, September 1985

The colliery opened in the 1870s in the grounds of the now-demolished Fryston Hall and was named Fryston, and the village was built in the 1880s to house some of the miners.[2][3] At its peak, the pit employed around 1,300 miners.[3] It closed in 1985.[2] After the pit's closure, the colliery buildings were demolished.[3]

The settlement is also called Fryston village.[2]

In 2005, a re-generation programme called the Castleford Project, carried out a number of re-developments in Fryston including what turned out to be a controversial new Village Green; these re-developments were the subject of a series of television programmes on Channel 4.[3][4]