List of municipalities of Spain

  • municipalities of spain. 2004
    madrid, capital of spain
    las palmas
    l'hospitalet de llobregat
    a coruña

    this is a list of lists of the municipalities of spain. the municipalities list links are listed below, by autonomous community and province.

    according to the provisional reports released on 1 january 2018,[1] there is a total of 8,124 municipalities in spain, including the autonomous cities of ceuta and melilla. burgos is the province with the most municipalities (371) and las palmas the one with the least (34).

    autonomous community/province list no. of municipalities[2]
     andalusia municipalities in andalusia 778
    almería province municipalities in almería 103
    cádiz province municipalities in cádiz 44
    córdoba province municipalities in córdoba 75
    granada province municipalities in granada 172
    huelva province municipalities in huelva 79
    jaén province municipalities in jaén 97
    málaga province municipalities in málaga 103
    seville province municipalities in seville 105
     aragon municipalities in aragon 731
    huesca province municipalities in huesca 202
    teruel province municipalities in teruel 236
    zaragoza province municipalities in zaragoza 293
     asturias* municipalities in the principality of asturias 78
     balearic islands* municipalities in the balearic islands 67
     basque country municipalities in the basque autonomous community 251
    Álava municipalities in Álava 51
    biscay municipalities in biscay 112
    gipuzkoa municipalities in gipuzkoa 88
     canary islands municipalities in the canary islands 88
    las palmas province municipalities in las palmas 34
    santa cruz de tenerife province municipalities in santa cruz de tenerife 54
     cantabria* municipalities in cantabria 102
     castile and león municipalities in castile and león 2,248
    Ávila province municipalities in Ávila 248
    burgos province municipalities in burgos 371
    león province municipalities in león 211
    palencia province municipalities in palencia 191
    salamanca province municipalities in salamanca 362
    segovia province municipalities in segovia 209
    soria province municipalities in soria 183
    valladolid province municipalities in valladolid 225
    zamora province municipalities in zamora 248
     castile–la mancha municipalities in castile–la mancha 919
    albacete province municipalities in albacete 87
    ciudad real province municipalities in ciudad real 102
    cuenca province municipalities in cuenca 238
    guadalajara province municipalities in guadalajara 288
    toledo province municipalities in toledo 204
     catalonia municipalities in catalonia 947
    barcelona province municipalities in barcelona 311
    girona province municipalities in girona 221
    lleida province municipalities in lleida 231
    tarragona province municipalities in tarragona 184
     extremadura municipalities in extremadura 388
    badajoz province municipalities in badajoz 165
    cáceres province municipalities in cáceres 223
     galicia municipalities in galicia 313
    a coruña province municipalities in a coruña 93
    lugo province municipalities in lugo 67
    ourense province municipalities in ourense 92
    pontevedra province municipalities in pontevedra 61
     madrid* municipalities in madrid 179
     murcia* municipalities in the region of murcia 45
     navarre* municipalities in the chartered community of navarre 272
     la rioja* municipalities in la rioja 174
     valencian community municipalities in the valencian community 542
    alicante province municipalities in alicante 141
    castellón province municipalities in castellón 135
    valencia province municipalities in valencia 266
    autonomous city list no. of municipalities
     ceuta 1
     melilla 1

    *single-province autonomous communities.

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Municipalities of Spain. 2004
Madrid, capital of Spain

This is a list of lists of the municipalities of Spain. The municipalities list links are listed below, by autonomous community and province.

According to the provisional reports released on 1 January 2018,[1] there is a total of 8,124 municipalities in Spain, including the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. Burgos is the province with the most municipalities (371) and Las Palmas the one with the least (34).

Autonomous community/province List No. of municipalities[2]
 Andalusia Municipalities in Andalusia 778
Almería province Municipalities in Almería 103
Cádiz province Municipalities in Cádiz 44
Córdoba province Municipalities in Córdoba 75
Granada province Municipalities in Granada 172
Huelva province Municipalities in Huelva 79
Jaén province Municipalities in Jaén 97
Málaga province Municipalities in Málaga 103
Seville province Municipalities in Seville 105
 Aragon Municipalities in Aragon 731
Huesca province Municipalities in Huesca 202
Teruel province Municipalities in Teruel 236
Zaragoza province Municipalities in Zaragoza 293
 Asturias* Municipalities in the Principality of Asturias 78
 Balearic Islands* Municipalities in the Balearic Islands 67
 Basque Country Municipalities in the Basque Autonomous Community 251
Álava Municipalities in Álava 51
Biscay Municipalities in Biscay 112
Gipuzkoa Municipalities in Gipuzkoa 88
 Canary Islands Municipalities in the Canary Islands 88
Las Palmas province Municipalities in Las Palmas 34
Santa Cruz de Tenerife province Municipalities in Santa Cruz de Tenerife 54
 Cantabria* Municipalities in Cantabria 102
 Castile and León Municipalities in Castile and León 2,248
Ávila province Municipalities in Ávila 248
Burgos province Municipalities in Burgos 371
León province Municipalities in León 211
Palencia province Municipalities in Palencia 191
Salamanca province Municipalities in Salamanca 362
Segovia province Municipalities in Segovia 209
Soria province Municipalities in Soria 183
Valladolid province Municipalities in Valladolid 225
Zamora province Municipalities in Zamora 248
 Castile–La Mancha Municipalities in Castile–La Mancha 919
Albacete province Municipalities in Albacete 87
Ciudad Real province Municipalities in Ciudad Real 102
Cuenca province Municipalities in Cuenca 238
Guadalajara province Municipalities in Guadalajara 288
Toledo province Municipalities in Toledo 204
 Catalonia Municipalities in Catalonia 947
Barcelona province Municipalities in Barcelona 311
Girona province Municipalities in Girona 221
Lleida province Municipalities in Lleida 231
Tarragona province Municipalities in Tarragona 184
 Extremadura Municipalities in Extremadura 388
Badajoz province Municipalities in Badajoz 165
Cáceres province Municipalities in Cáceres 223
 Galicia Municipalities in Galicia 313
A Coruña province Municipalities in A Coruña 93
Lugo province Municipalities in Lugo 67
Ourense province Municipalities in Ourense 92
Pontevedra province Municipalities in Pontevedra 61
 Madrid* Municipalities in Madrid 179
 Murcia* Municipalities in the Region of Murcia 45
 Navarre* Municipalities in the Chartered Community of Navarre 272
 La Rioja* Municipalities in La Rioja 174
 Valencian Community Municipalities in the Valencian Community 542
Alicante province Municipalities in Alicante 141
Castellón province Municipalities in Castellón 135
Valencia province Municipalities in Valencia 266
Autonomous city List No. of municipalities
 Ceuta 1
 Melilla 1

*Single-province autonomous communities.