Hainan Romanized

  • hainanese romanized
    a sample of bot text
    bible in hainanese romanised (genesis), published by the bible society of great britain.
    latin alphabet (modified)
    languageshaikou dialect of hainanese
    creatorcarl c. jeremiassen
    time period
    c. 1890 — ?
    parent systems
    • hainanese romanized

    hainanese romanized, also known as its local name bǽh-oe-tu (白話字), is an orthography similar to pe̍h-oē-jī, and used to write haikou dialect of the hainanese language. it was invented by carl c. jeremiassen, a danish pioneer missionary in fucheng (modern haikou) in 1881.

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Hainanese Romanized
A sample of BOT text
Bible in Hainanese Romanised (Genesis), published by the Bible Society of Great Britain.
Latin alphabet (modified)
LanguagesHaikou dialect of Hainanese
CreatorCarl C. Jeremiassen
Time period
c. 1890 — ?
Parent systems
  • Hainanese Romanized

Hainanese Romanized, also known as its local name Bǽh-oe-tu (白話字), is an orthography similar to Pe̍h-oē-jī, and used to write Haikou dialect of the Hainanese language. It was invented by Carl C. Jeremiassen, a Danish pioneer missionary in Fucheng (modern Haikou) in 1881.